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Capoeira Males Presents

The Haunted halloween party on Saturday November 1, 2014. Bring your costumes and get ready to dance your bones off.

Next session starts October 20

2014 Batizado, Troca de Cordas e Torneo – Sept. 11-13

Please join Mestre Lua, Instrutor Camarão, Instrutor Falcão, Instrutora Pantera and all of our GTA students as we come together once again to celebrate our 11th annual Batizado in Toronto.

This will be a 3-day event filled with workshops, a tournament, rodas and culminating in a Batizado and Troca de Corda.

All groups are welcome so please come and share your experience, your game, your voice and your energy with us and we promise you a safe and friendly environment where we can all come together to play, learn and go as we continue to develop a powerful community of Capoeira!

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Mestre Curisco – Malês Seattle
Mestre Canguru – BerimBrasil California
Mestre Zumbi – Senzala New Jersey
Mestre Peninha – Equipe Montreal
Contra Mestre Coreba – Capoeira Gerais Boston
Mestrando Fabio90 – Aruande Toronto
Professor Morcego – Malês DC
Professor Budoy – CDO Montreal
Professor Perninha – Arte Guerreira Montreal
Professor Sapo – Camara Toronto
Instrutor Sorriso – Malês DC
Instrutor Mortal – CB Montreal
Instrutor Soquete – Kadara Toronto
Instrutor Camaleão – Sul da Bahia Barrie
Instrutor Saci – Camara Toronto
Instrutor Santo – Capoeira Brasil Ohio
Estagiario Chaveco – Camara Toronto


Thursday Sept 11 – Workshop 7:00pm – Roda 8:30pm – Bartlett Parkette – Meet outside 183 Geary Ave. (bring shoes!)
Friday Sept 12 – Workshop 7:00pm – Roda 8:30pm – Fighting Arts Collective – 927 Dupont St. 2nd floor
Saturday Sept 13 – Workshop 10:30am – Davenport Perth Community Centre, 1900 Davenport Rd.
1st Toronto Open Competition 1:00pm
Batizado – 3:00pm
Roda – 5:00pm

2013 Batizado tickets now on sale!

Grupo Capoeira Malês  G.T.A. is very proud to welcome all capoeiristas to come and share our love for this beautiful art as we bring guests together from Canada, the United States and Brasil to congratulate Mestre Lua on his 30 years of dedication to Capoeira September 12-14.

2013 also marks Mestre Lua’s 10th year leading his grupo here in Toronto! This is going to be a spectacular event, not to be missed! Schedule below…

Thursday, September 12
Workshop – 7:00pm
Fighting Arts Collective
927 Dupont Ave, 2nd FL

Friday, September 13
Workshop – 7:00pm
The Dovercourt House
805 Dovercourt Road, 3rd FL
(WHITES please for the Friday night roda as it will be formal!)

Saturday, September 14
Workshop – 10:30am
Batizado – 2:00pm
Davenport Perth Community Centre
1900 Davenport Road

Saturday night party!

Mana Bar – 722 College St.

Private lounge, no line up and no cover charge (before 11:00) for our guests. Mention you are with Capoeira Males batizado


Mestre Curisco – Malês Seattle

Mestre Lobão – Besouro Manganga Brasil
Mestre Lua – Malês GTA

Mestre Peninha – Equipe Montreal
Contra Mestre Leitão – Candeias Montreal
Contra Mestre Gafanhoto – Mandinga California
Professor Budoy – CDO Montreal
Instrutor Pirata – Equipe Montreal
Instrutor Mortal – Capoeira Brasil Montreal
Instrutor Soquete – Sinha Bahia Toronto
Instrutor Falcão – Malês GTA
Instrutora Pantera – Malês GTA
Instrutor Camarão – Malês GTA
Instrutor Camaleão – Sul da Bahia Barrie
Monitor Saci – Camará Toronto

and more…!

NOTE: All tickets include workshops, batizado, and t-shirt. 13% HST will be added at checkout

New location for downtown classes

As of Monday, November 3, we will be holding our classes at:

East West Hapkido

183 Geary Ave.

See here for map:

Class schedule and times remain the same.

See you there!

2012 Batizado & Festival da Arte Capoeira

Confirmed schedule, location and special guests!
***NOTE: Friday workshop will be indoors @ 805 Dovercourt Rd, 3rd floor
Mestre Peninha – Equipe Montreal
Mestre Tico Tico – Cais da Bahia Boston
Contra Mestre Lua Branca – Malês
Professor Leitao – Candeias Montreal
Professor Sapo – Camara Toronto
Instrutor Soquete – Sinha Bahia Toronto
Instrutor Falcão – Malês GTA
Instrutora Pantera – Malês GTA
Instrutor Camarão – Malês GTA
Formanda Colibri – Capoeira Brasil NY
Monitor Saci – Camara Toronto


Thursday, Sept. 13
Army Navy & Airforce Veterans Hall
847 Dovercourt Rd (north of Bloor)
7:00-10:00 – Workshop and Roda

Friday, Sept. 14
Dovercourt House, 3rd floor @ 805 Dovercourt Rd.
7:00-10:00 Workshop & Roda

Saturday, Sept. 15
Davenport Perth Community Centre
1900 Davenport Rd.
10:30am-12:00pm – Workshop
2:00pm-6:00pm – Batizado & Troca de Cordas

Full event: $100
Fri+Sat+batizado: $85
Single workshop: $40
Batizado only (incl. Tshirt): $30

2012 Spring Encounter

Please join us as we host our 5th Annual Encontro de Primavera at our Burlington academy. We will be welcoming new faces into our roda and guarantee an event full of positive energy and plenty of capoeira for all of our guests! All capoeiristas are welcome to participate. Our doors are open to everyone!!

Teachers (*confirmed)
(more to follow)

Contra Mestre Lua – Males GTA *
Contra Mestre Carcara – Com Expressao Rochester *
Professor Leitao – Candeias Montreal *
Professor Budoy – Cordao de Ouro Montreal
Professor Cavalo – Maculele Miami *
Professor Macarrao – Luanda Oakland *
Professor Trovoada – Mandinga Detroit *
Instrutor Pirata – Equipe Brasileira Montreal *
Instrutor Desenho – Mandinga Buffalo *
Instrutor Ariranha – Capoeira Angola Quintal NYC *
Instrutor Soquete – Sinha Bahia *
Instrutor Falcao – Males GTA *
Instrutora Pantera – Males GTA *
Instrutor Ninja – Males Seattle *
Instrutor Camarao – Males GTA *

All workshops/rodas will be at Sidekicks Martial Arts, 2421 New Street Burlington, ON, Canada (west of Guelph Line)

Wed Apr 25 – Open Class 7:30pm Roda 9pm

Fri Apr 27 – 7:30pm Registration
8pm Workshop (adv rm 1/beg rm 2)
9:15pm Roda Aberta

Sat Apr 28 – 12:30pm – Registration
1pm – Workshop 1 (adv rm 1/beg rm 2)
2:30pm – Workshop 2 (adv rm 1/beg rm 2)
4pm – Roda Aberta
6pm – Bate Papo
7pm – Teacher’s Dinner if you’d like to register in advance

Registration for 2011 Batizado

Register and pay by September 20 and save!
See how below

Please join us as we host our 8th annual Toronto & GTA Batizado e Troca de Cordas.

ALL capoeiristas from all groups are welcome to participate in part or in full, in any and all rodas and workshops. We welcome you to come and represent your grupo and share your experience with us so we may continue to learn and grow as a community.

Confirmed Teachers (more to come)

Mestre Curisco
Mestre Peninha
Contra Mestre Lua
Contra Mestre Carcara
Professor Budoy
Professor Leitao
Professor Lampreia
Professor Kmelo
Instrutora Guerreira
Instrutor Falcao
Instrutora Pantera
Instrutor Morcego
Instrutor Ninja
Instrutor Camarao
Instrutor Pirata
Instrutora Formiguinha
Instrutor Soquete
Instrutor Desenho


Thursday, Sept 29
Workshops & roda 19:00 – 23:00hrs
Location: 100A Ossington Ave., Main Floor

Friday Sept 30
Workshops & roda 19:00 – 23:00hrs
Location: 100A Ossington Ave., Main Floor

Saturday, October 1
Workshop: 10:30 – 12:00
Batizado and rodas: 2:00-6:00
Location: Davenport-Perth Community Centre. 1900 Davenport Rd.

Registration and payment

Fill out the information below, cut and paste into an email and send to: Once your form has been received, you will receive an invoice to pay your fees online.

Washington DC folk may also pay in cash or by check. Payments can be made in person to Alegria at your batizado.

Don’t miss it!

Full name:
Capoeira nickname:
Email address:
Housing for (please indicate Thurs/Fri/Sat):
Flight information (if applicable)*:
T-shirt size** (please indicate):
Men’s S/M/L/XL
Women’s S/M/L

Paying for:
(before Sept. 20)
1 day: $40
2 days: $60
3 days: $85

(after Sept. 20)
1 day: $50
2 days: $75
3 days: $100

* Students will not be picked up at Buffalo Airport, unless you are making arrangements directly with Macaco
** We will do our best to get the size you request but cannot guarantee it. The sooner you register, the better chance there is. Women’s shirts run quite small. S is more of an XS