Why Train With Us

Think you’re too out of shape for capoeira? Too uncoordinated? Too old? Capoeira is suitable for EVERYBODY with an interest and desire to learn.

Capoeira Malês offers mixed classes (men/women and girls/boys in same class) for adults and children of all physical fitness levels, body shapes and abilities. Your fitness, coordination and flexibility will grow as you train, and no one is ever too old to start. Our students range in age from 7 years to 50 years old, and many of our current students only started training capoeira in their 30’s. We welcome everybody.

With Capoeira Malês you can expect to receive well-rounded training that emphasizes cardio conditioning and strength training, with alternating focus on fighting techniques, flexibility, agility, music instruction, floreos (acrobatic flips and tricks) and body movement.

What also sets Capoeira Malês apart is our Contra Mestre. C.M. Lua’s teaching style is one of patience, that focuses on learning the basics first and using proper and safe techniques. He teaches his students to be prepared for anything in the roda. As an avid student of other martial arts himself, C.M. Lua often incorporates new techniques and movements not commonly found in capoeira. He is recognized by his peers as one of the best capoeiristas in Canada and he regularly travels nationwide, to the U.S., Europe and South America giving workshops and sharing his knowledge.

At Malês you can:

  • Improve your overall health
  • Learn about Brazilian culture (foods, dance, geography)
  • Learn Portuguese
  • Increase your coordination, rhythm and balance
  • Work all muscle groups with one activity
  • Learn to play new musical instruments
  • Benefit from a family atmosphere
  • Create new friendships
  • Complement capoeira training with separate jiu-jitsu and Afro-Brazilian dance classes on site

Capoeira works your entire body,
from your head to your toes,
as well as your mind and spirit.